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Born in 1979, Udayan Sankar Pal grew up in Canning (WB, India), the gateway of the Sunderbans. He has been dabbling with photography since he was 13 years old. Hailing from a village himself, his eyes are drawn towards those elements that he can identify with, that are hidden from a city dweller. He has honed his skills over the span of 27 years and has received over 3000 awards both from National and International forums. He has also been awarded many distinctions and honours.

Udayan’s interest in photography extends to many other aspects beyond just clicking photographs on his own. He has established the only international Archive of Photography Exhibition ( in the world with over 10,000 brochures in his collection right now. He also is an active contributor to magazines and journals where he likes to pen his thoughts about photography and share his knowledge with other like-minded photographers. A respected mentor to budding and amateur photographers, he also has been invited to many events as a thought leader and speaker in the world of photography. He also believes in propagating the art form through various other initiatives such as running photography salons in India, acting as a judge in many national and international salons, running a photographers cooperative under the brand of AvTvISO (, supporting photographers by purchasing prints and building a gallery dedicated to the art called SignedPRINTS (, building a world class personal library of rare and iconic books on photography with over 1000 titles painstakingly collected over many years, collecting and curating a well acknowledged collection of postal stamps related to photography and many more such initiatives.

He says photography is all about the eye. You either see things or are influenced to see things. Having travelled a long way from the bare feet camera toting village lad to a selective shutterbug and a passionate pursuer of the art of photography in all its forms, he truly believes that photography is his religion.

Featured in:
* Photo Feature in FotoFlock by Epson ( in 21st June 2013. []
* Kaleidoscope in March-2014 issue of Smart Photography Magazine. []
* Sunday Magazine (6th Apr 2014) of Namaste Telangana, a leading newspaper published from Hyderabad
* PhotoMontage in May-2014 of Asian Photography Magazine
* His collection of postage stamps on photography has been featured in Smart Photography-October 2016 issue across a 4-page coverage.
* Capture Mania eMagazine [Issue-6/June-July2017]. Link: &

* His interview published in Smile Art Beats [January 2016 issue], an online magazine under Inspiring Photographers Category. [ &]
* Invited by award winning photographer and YouTube host Saurabh Chatterjee to his Live Phototalk on 31st May 2020 [YouTube Link:]

* Writes weekly article for FotoFlock By Epson []. It is a paid assignment.
* Writes article for Light Art Academy []
* Writes article for Smile Art Beats, monthly online magazine of IIIT-Basar [] & he is also a mentor of this magazine.
* Regular contributor to iStock by Getty Images [].

* HSBC, Hexagon House, Visakhapatnam
* Thomas Kellner (photographers-network), Siegen
* Children’s Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology, Belgrade [via GPU]
* Chennai Meenakshi Multi-speciality Hospital [via EoM2.0 Exhibition]
* Children Foster Home-Dom Bjelave via GPU/Sarajevo
* Cyberabad Police Commissionerate via Vijay Kumar SM, IPS, DCP-Traffic
* Evani Mannur - London

Tamron Challenge
* 2012: Shortlisted for HYD
* 2013: Shortlisted for HYD & selected as one of the TOP20 in National Level
* 2015: Shortlisted for BLR & selected as one of the three winners from BLR. Also selected as one of the TOP30 in National Level

Workshop/Seminar conducted:
* A series of workshop at SriPrakash VidyaNiketan, Visakhapatnam in 2012
* Techfest-2014 at IIT Bombay (Organized by PixelPost) in Jan 2014.
* SignedPRINTS Basic Photography Workshop at Hyderabad in Jan 2014
* A series of Canon Basic Workshop twice a month at Bangalore Frameboxx School of Photography in 2015
* Medical ShutterBug-2019 at Hyderabad: For the Doctors by the Doctors who practice Photography. Udayan was invited as the guest lecturer.
* Kulasai Dasara-2019: Udayan was one of the mentor and it was organized by AvTvISO in collaboration with Chiiz.

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* Ladakh [You can buy on]
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