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First SR Medal
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First SR Medal
Old Memory
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Old Memory
Old Memory
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Old Memory
2018 with Mohan
Super Randonneur
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Super Randonneur
Feeling accomplished! Now I am a Super Randonneur! This is a title awarded by ACP, France [] to those who complete a super series of BRMs or Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux [200KM in 13:30Hrs, 300KM in 20Hrs, 400KM in 27Hrs & 600KM in 40Hrs] in a calendar year. It’s a title that is valid life long.

I started cycling on 20th March 2018 and rode 8201KM+ in a total of 90 rides till 2nd September 2018 [BRM600 finishing date]. I also finished 21 challenges successfully and failed in one during these 5 months!

I lost 9.6Kgs & now have a dual skin tone as my arms and legs are sunburnt!

In the last 5 months I cycled hard each day so I could know this beautiful world of cycling so that I can capture a “Series” of photographs on cycling with some soulful images. Chapter one is completed successfully now and am excited to begin the next chapter... that is capturing this world through my lens…

The Challenges I completed in 5 months are:
#BRM200 [200KM in 11Hrs 32Mins] in May
#BRM300 [300KM in 18hrs 35Mins] in June
#BRM400 [Took 26Hrs 7Mins] in July
#BRM600 in Aug at Chennai/Couldnvt complete/Quit at 305KM
#BRM600 [600KM in 39Hrs 15Mins] in September at Bangalore

#WCCGMarchMadness [50KM in 10 Consecutive Days] in March/Started it from very first ay of my cycling
#WCCG200kmNightRide: [200KM in one night] in April
#WCCGMass100 in June
#WCCGDistanceChallenge: Total 1500KM+ in June
#WCCG222: Chennai to Pondycherry and back for this challenge in June
#WCCGDetermination150: in July

#WCCGEpicCyclist: This badge is for completing all 6 WCCG Challenges [Above 6/ WCCG is a cycling club in Chennai]
#WCCGStarRiders in April [Most group rides]

#BeatTheHeatChallenge in April where I ranked 3rd
#OneForTheWorldCommuteChallenge [Rode 1000KM] in Apr/May
#WCCGRelayRace in June
#RancycersMonsoonChallenge [50KMx7 + 70KMx4 + 100KMx2 rides] in Jul/Aug
#RoyalIndependenceRide in August
#WCCGNewbieRide in August
#WCCGFreedom125: 125KM ride to celebrate Independence Day in 15th Aug
#Maxx50 in Aug
#EndHumanTrafficking: Ride organized by International Justice Mission on 25th August at Besant Nagar Beach

Thank you Mohan for your company in these last 5 months. Without you, it would ABSOLUTELY not be possible for me. Thank you for coming all the way to Bangalore and riding with me even after completing the series successfully in Chennai.

Thank you Kesavan for all our really early morning practice rides. Those rides made me a strong rider. I will always remember our “3AM cycling” rides for the rest of my life.

Thank you Hari Raju for all the tips to be successful in BRM and thank you Dr Srikant for insisting [infact forcing me] that I get a cycle.

Thank you Shiven for calling me regularly and encouraging me. Thank you Muralidharanji for giving me the front light during both of my BRM600.

Thank you Pro-Bikers for giving me a really good cycle and taking care of it so well. I felt the cycle was as new as the first day of my cycle after each servicing. You are the really best.

Thank you WCCG, the Chennai Cycling Group and it’s members, without all those group rides, I wouldn’t be able to continue my madness!

And last but not the least, Ipsita, my wife, my world. Thank you for everything, sponsoring me for this expensive hobby unwillingly, sacrificing your weekends and daily sleep [because of my early morning rides], getting angry on me that helped me to regulate my madness towards cycling. Whatever I do, I do to impress you and I will try to impress you continuously even in the future.

WCCG Volunteer Honour Board-2019
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WCCG Volunteer Honour Board-2019
During 2019 Anniversary!
WCCG 200KM Night Ride
Move Close  
WCCG 200KM Night Ride
Volunteering as a Photographer!
Move Close  
Move Close  
Move Close  
1st Series BRM Medals
Move Close  
1st Series BRM Medals
200/300/400 received at MR Medal Ceremony at Turya Hotel on 27th April 2019.
20March 2018~23March2019
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20March 2018~23March2019

#Scott60YearRide: Ride1-6Jan-35KM- Wth Mohan&Manjil

Kovalam: Ride2-12Jan-46KM- Wth Manjil+WCCG
MontraMadRock: Ride3-12Jan-4KM-Perungudi|ToMeetKumaraguruPalaniappan-for Photography
Mahabalipuram: Ride4-14Jan-92KM-Wth Mohan
Kovalam: Ride5-15Jan-50KM- Wth Mohan
SIPCOT: Ride6-17Jan-40KM- Wth Manjil+WCCG
MGMDizzeeWorld: Ride7-18Jan-39KM-Wth Manjil+WCCG
ForgotToResumeStrava: Ride7ii-8KM-UthandiToll~ShollingalurJn-ManualEntry
AnjaneyarHillTemple: Ride8-19Jan-55KM- Wth Manjil+WCCG
Chengalpattu: Ride9-20Jan-121KM- Wth WCCG
ProBikers: Ride10-21Jan-3KM-Servicing
fromProBikers: Ride11-22Jan-3KM-AfterServicing-ChangedCassette/Chain/BarTape
Marina: Ride12-23Jan-41KM-With Manjil
ProBikers: Ride13-24Jan-6KM-ToMeetHariRaju-Gave me his TMM Inspiration medal

#BRM600: Ride14-26Jan-611KM- Wth Mohan-Madurai

MusicVideoShoot: Ride15-10Feb-21KM-WthManjil/HeFellDown/Injured+HisTyreBurst
EveningRide: Ride16-13Feb-5KM-MeetingMohan

#BRM300: Ride17-16Feb-325KM- Wth Mohan

Kovalam: Ride18-26Feb-50KM- Wth Mohan&Manjil
Kovalam: Ride19-27Feb-50KM- Wth Mohan&Manjil

#BRM400: Ride20-2Mar-424KM- Wth Mohan

ProBikers: Ride21-4Mar-3KM-Servicing
fromProBikers: Ride22-5Mar-3KM-AfterServicing-ChangedRareTube
WCCG_MarchMadness_50x10-Day01: Ride23-6Mar-50KM-wthManjil-Kovalam
ProBikers: Ride24-6Mar-8KM-RareWheelLinerReAdjusting
WCCG_MarchMadness_50x10-Day02: Ride25-7Mar-50KM-wthManjil-Kovalam
WCCG_MarchMadness_50x10-Day03: Ride26-8Mar-52KM-wthManjil-RBI
MontraMadRock: Ride27-8Mar-5KM-Perungudi|Shopping
WCCG_MarchMadness_50x10-Day04: Ride28-9Mar-50KM-wthManjil-Kovalam

#WCCG_Determination150: Ride29-10Mar-150KM-wthMohan&Manjil

WCCG_MarchMadness_50x10-Day06: Ride30-11Mar-50KM-wthManjil-Kovalam
WCCG_MarchMadness_50x10-Day07: Ride31-12Mar-50KM-wthManjil-Kovalam
WCCG_MarchMadness_50x10-Day08: Ride32-13Mar-50KM-wthManjil-Kovalam
WCCG_MarchMadness_50x10-Day09: Ride33-14Mar-51KM-wthManjil-Kovalam

#WCCG_MarchMadness_50x10-Day10: Ride34-15Mar-51KM-wthManjil-Kovalam

ProBikers: Ride35-18Mar-11KM-BikeCheckBeforeBRM600
MontraMadRock: Ride36-19Mar-8KM-Proikers|GeneralCheckUp

LAST RIDE: Ride37-22Mar-458KM- Wth Mohan at BRM600 but quits

TOTAL STRAVA Statistics⤵
WCCG March Madness-2019
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WCCG March Madness-2019
50KM ride for 10 consecutive days challenge accomplished together with Manjil!✅

06March: 50KM with Manjil till Kovalam |
07March: 50KM with Manjil till Kovalam |
08March: 52KM with Manjil till RBI |
09March: 50KM with Manjil till Kovalam |
10March: 150KM with Mohan&Manjil-WCCG_Determiation150 |
11March: 50KM with Manjil till Kovalam |
12March: 50KM with Manjil till Kovalam |
13March: 50KM with Manjil till Kovalam |
14March: 51KM with Manjil till Kovalam |
15March: 51KM with Manjil till Kovalam |
Move Close  
10March2019 | With Mohan & Manjil | 150KM in 6Hrs50Mins
Year Book of 2018
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Year Book of 2018
3rd SR attempt❌
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3rd SR attempt❌
BRM300: 16Feb2019
Home~BRMstarting: 15KM | BRM300: 310KM_5:30AM~11:29PM_17Hr59Mn
•Route: •Link:
Homologation: 229813

BRM400: 2Mar2019
Home~BRMstarting: 16KM | BRM400: 408KM_5:30AM~6:10AM_25Hr10Mn
•Route: •Link:
Homologation: 148719

BRM600: 22Mar2019❌
Quits at 458KM/Lack of time and started vomiting
•Route: •Link:

* Decided no more cycling and not continue this SR!
Madurai Radonneurs
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Madurai Radonneurs
Udayan was participated in their first BRM600 and get this finisher Medal for the same.
Super Randonneur 😁😁
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Super Randonneur 😁😁

1st SR: 2017/2018
2nd SR: 2018/2019
at 11279KM with 131Rides
Move Close  
at 11279KM with 131Rides
22Jan2019: 3rdService-Full | at 11279KM with 131Rides | ChangedCassette_Chain_BarTape
Move Close  
Move Close  
Scott organized this ride to celebrate their 60th Year and all the riders received a limited edition Scott Jersey as a gift. They have also gave a trail light and a badge as a memento.

Ride1-6Jan-35KM-Merida-Wth Mohan&Manjil
Merida India
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Merida India
Udayan won a contest in Dec2018 organised by Merida India on their social media where one has to say what his/her best memory with their Merida bike & receive a Merida Thermo Sipper!
10899KM in 2018
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10899KM in 2018
10899KM in 128Rides from 20March2018 2Bikes

DATA: MeridaReacto400
122Ride: 10786KM
100K: 21Done
200K: 4Done
300K: 3DONE
400K: 2DONE
600K: 1Done
12Sep2018-43KM-with M Celebrating SR at Porur wth HariRaju&DrSrikanth
13Sep2018-4KM-Home~ProBikers fr srvicing+TyreChnge+NewShoes&Pedals
15Sep2018-53KM-WeekEndRide to Kovalam wth M
21Sep2018-15KM-Company to M for his 1st ride wth cycling shoes+Prabhu-NuBee for crossing his first 15K Mark
22Sep2018-55KM-41st WCCG GroupRide to DecathalonPadur
26Sep2018-7KM-with Prabhu to SeeOff HariRaju for BRM1200
27Sep2018-48+3KM-42nd WCCG GroupRide to SIPCOT|3KM-TestRideAfterIncreaingSaddleHeight
29Sep2018-39KM-43rd WCCG GroupRide to ElliotBeach
30Sep2018-92KM-WeekendRideToMahabalipuram with Kesavan+LuigiTumolo+4|100th Ride
06Oct2018-58+5KM-WeekendEveningRide with M-5KisManualEntry-ForgotToResumeTheStrava
07Oct2018-69+4KM-WCCG WorldMentalHealthDayRide-4KisManualEntry-ForgotToResumeTheStrava|HighestAverage-29.7
13Oct2018-36KM-44th WCCG GroupRide to ElliotBeach
14Oct2018-168KM-Greenway Endurance Ride | 21st 100K
28Oct2018-35KM-CyclingMarshal for 10KRun_Alertathon-wth M&K+WCCG
3Nov2018: 229KM-BRM200
9Nov2018: 50KM-EvnngRideToKovalamWthKesavan
10Nov2018: 38KM-MarinaBeach_RodeAlone
17Nov2018: 60KM-WeekEndRideWthMohan
24NOV2018: 340KM-BRM300
8DEC2018: 428KM-BRM400_13KM not recorded till CP5-added manually_COMPLETED 10000+KM in 2018

DATA: MontraMadRock
6Ride: 113KM
11Oct2018: 1KM-TestRide
01Nov2018: 45KM-45thWCCGgroupRide-Muttukadu
01Nov2018: 49KM-wthKesavan to Kovalam in the Evening Rain
17Nov2018: 9KM-RideToMeetKesavan
24Dec2018: 5KM-Shopping Christmas Star
25Dec2018: 4KM-Buying medicine
Move Close  
Udayan was one of the Cycle Marshals for Alertathon-2018. He received this certificate & an Apollo Hospital Discount Card for volunteering the event.
Done2ndSR ✅
Move Close  
Done2ndSR ✅
BRM200: 3Nov2018
Home~BRMstarting: 15KM | BRM200: 211KM_5PM~4:19AM_11Hr19Mn | BRMFinish~Home: 3KM
•Puncture at 13KM of BRM: Thank you HariRaju&Mohan to repair it
•Route: •Link:
Homologation: 663317

BRM300: 24Nov2018
Home~BRMstarting: 15KM | BRM300: 310KM_6AM~1:20AM_19Hr20Mn | BRMFinish~Home: 15KM
•Route: •Link:
Homologation: 226405

BRM400: 8Dec2018
Home~BRMstarting: 15KM | BRM400: 407KM_6AM~6AM_24Hr | BRMFinish~Home: 15KM
•COMPLETED 10000+KM in 2018!
•Route: •Link:
Homologation: 146347

BRM600: 26Jan2019
Madurai-VaigaiDam-Kanyakumari-Madurai: 611KM in 39Hrs59Mins
•Puncture at 37KM in FrontWheel
•Couldn’t attend Chennai600 because Ipsita was in Vietnam then & I had to take care of Atig
•Route: •
Homologation: 146347

*As usual, all rides with Mohan
*Opted out for the medal as the medal design is same of the last year. New design comes after each PBP.
Cycling Marshal
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Cycling Marshal
We 14 cyclists from WCCG-OMR/ECR Chapter took part in Alertathon-10K Run as Cycling Marshals on 28th October 2018.

In this picture, Udayan is with his two cycling partners, Mohan the Event Partner and Kesavan the Practice Partner, holding the framed citation that the organizers has given to WCCG for helping them as Cycling Marshal.
Greenway Endurance Ride
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Greenway Endurance Ride
RanCycers Monsoon Challenge
Move Close  
RanCycers Monsoon Challenge
Montra MADROCK 27.5T-21 Gear-17.5”
Move Close  
Montra MADROCK 27.5T-21 Gear-17.5”

TrackNTrail Matching Helmet
Extra Tube
Spanner for Wheel Removal

* I won a Atlas Ultimate City 26 Single Speed for winning the #HumFitTohIndiaFit Contest. But I have exchanged that bike for a Montra Mad Rock from the dealer!

1. For small work ride+ride when Atig rides his bike and or runs
2. Manjil used in 2019 for his regular practice rides or for some challenges

10Feb2019: Front Tyre&Tube Burst_Manjil was riding | NewTyreTube-23Feb2019

No more cycling/No more Strava/Will use this one to play with Atig: 25March2019

Later gifted it to Shiven when he was in BLR
WCCG-World Mental Health Day Ride
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WCCG-World Mental Health Day Ride
WCCG organized a ride on 7th October 2018 to celebrate World Mental Health Day. They have given a beautiful hand made clay medal to each finishers.

Udayan rode the main event ride with Mohan and finished with a average of 29.7KM/H and he rode to&fro to the event venue with his two newbie neighbours Prabhu & Manjil.


Px: Medal on the Bib
Move Close  
WCCG-Tambaram Chapter organized this Treasure Hunt Cyclothon on 2nd October 2018 to celebrate their anniversary where each team contains 4 riders and they have to solve 4 puzzles to get the direction for next destination. All the team members had to ride together to promote unity and each team got different puzzles and route. Udayan was a member of Team-KMSU. KMSU stands for the first initials of all the 4 riders in alphabetical order. Other members are Kesavan, Muralidharan & Sandesh Jadav. This is the first event where Udayan rode without Mohan as he was not in Chennai.

08.8KM_Home to Venue:
12.6KM_Clue-I: | 2ndFallForShoes & HeavyRain
04.0KM_ManualEntry-Strava Didn’t work between Clue-I&II:

Pix: Bib-Medal-InstaPrintWithTeam
20Mar2018 - 2Sep2018
Move Close  
20Mar2018 - 2Sep2018
01: 19March2018: New bike
02. With Dr Srikant & Mohan at WCCG Medal Distribution
03. MadrasMustang BTH Challenge Medal Distribution
04. Dinner time: WCCG Night Ride. My first long ride: Mohan/Me/Muralidharan/Shankar Mahalingam/Manoj/x/Dr Srikant/Hariraju/x
05. WCCG Medal Distribution at Marina: x/x/Divagaran the founder of WCCG/Kesavan/Kumarraja/Muthusathish/Me
06. Photography in WCCG Night Ride
07. BRM finish line at JBC with Mohan
08. WCCG Group ride
09. Road side poer nap for 5mins during BRMs
10. Our Realy Race Team
[Mohan/Lopamudra/Me with Atig/Kesavan]
11. During BRM300: Me/Muthusathish/Ganesh the Gyanbose/Mohan
12. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary
13. WCCG Newbie ride with our neighbour Manjil the newbie
14. At Rajiv Gandhi memorial in Sriperumbudur
15. Dinner with yummy crabs during our night long practice ride
16. With Akhil & Vinithra: befriended them on my first WCCG Group Ride
17. WCCG Star Rier Medal Distribution: Dr Srikant/x/Me/Hari Raju/x/Mohan
18. At Chennai-0 or Zero Point Chennai with Kesavan & Kumarraja
19. Yellow water melon during a long ride with Mohan
20. During BRM: x/Me with Partha Dutta-Chennai BRM Organizer/x/Mohan
21. During WCCG Newbie Ride with Muralidharan/Me/Manjil/Pradeep manoharan
22. During WCCG Stra Rider Medal distribution: Noel/Me/x/Kesavan/Prasanna/Pradeep
23. Sweating salt crystals during any long ride
24. Going to WCCG Annual Day celebration with Mohan and our sons
25. Pooja and Kesavan

01. BRM200
02. BRM300
03. BRM400
04. BRM600-Chennai and couldn’t complete
05. BRM600-Bangalore
06. WCCGMarchMadness
07. WCCG200kmNightRide
08. WCCGMass100
09. WCCGDistanceChallenge
10. WCCG222
11. WCCGDetermination150
12. WCCGEpicCyclist
13. WCCGStarRiders
14. BeatTheHeatChallenge
15. OneForTheWorldCommuteChallenge
16. WCCGRelayRace
17. RancycersMonsoonChallenge
18. RoyalIndependenceRide
19. WCCGNewbieRide
20. WCCGFreedom125
21. Maxx50
22. EndHumanTrafficking Ride
23. Super Randonneur

01. 8201KM in 90Rides
02. All rides are for some challenges except 6
03. 100K+ Ride: 20 [Includes three 100KM in consecutive 3days]
04. 200K+ Ride: 3
05. 300K+ Ride: 2
06. 400K+ Ride: 1
07. 600K+ Ride: 1
08. Hill Climbs: 3 [Jawadhu/Yercaud/Yelagiri]
09. WCCG Group Ride with OMR/ECR Chapter: 40
10. Max Speed: 124.2KM/H
11. Longest Ride: 607KM
12. All rides are minimum 50K except 6 [5 to ProBikers & 1 to WCCG Medal Distribution]
13. Servicing: 3
14. Puncture: 2
15. Tyre Change: 1 [Rare]
16. Most Ride with Mohan [event] & Kesavan [practice]
18. Lost 9.6Kgs

1. No more extra KM to make 50K minimum
2. Only weekend rides if there is no challenge
3. Will ride only for challenges or events
4. Paid event for minimum of 100K
Move Close  
Atlas India ran a contest called #HumFitTohIndiaFit where one has to share a video of his/her exercise. Udayan shared a video where he was cycling.

He was declared one of the winners and received an Atlas Bike.

This hashtag started by Indian Sport Minister and Olympian Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore to promote sports and regular exercise.

WCCG Epic Cyclist
Move Close  
WCCG Epic Cyclist
Udayan earned all the six WCCG 2017/2018 medals and received the Epic Cyclist Badge for completing the series!
BRM Homologation
Move Close  
BRM Homologation
SR Ref: 44880

12Sep2018: with Mohan to Porur to celebrate our SR success by cutting a cake organized by HariRaju & DrSrikanthPrabakar
Maxx-50 Cycling Challenge
Move Close  
Maxx-50 Cycling Challenge
12Aug: 051KM | TOTAL051+ | #RancycersMonsoonChallenge
13Aug: 055KM | TOTAL106+ | #RancycersMonsoonChallenge
14Aug: 006KM | TOTAL112+ | #RareTyreChanged
15Aug: 126KM | TOTAL232+ | #WCCGFreedom125
15Aug: 003KM | TOTAL235+ | #CleaningAfterRainRide
18Aug: 315KM | TOTAL550+ | #BRM600
25Aug: 050KM | TOTAL600+ | #EndHumanTrafficking
Used no more their challenge hashtag! Done for the completion certificate...
1st Successful BRM600✅
Move Close  
1st Successful BRM600✅
🚴with Mohan
•BRM Total Time: 39Hrs15Mins

•Two Hills in two days in one ride: Yercaud & Yelagiri
•Couldn’t save the ride because of phone problem
•Mohan tagged in the ride:

*Longest ride till date: 607KM
*Highest levation: 6894M
*Max Speed: 124.2KM/H


Homologation: Waiting
End Human Trafficking
Move Close  
End Human Trafficking
International Justice Mission organized this ride titled End Human Trafficking on 25th August 2018. Manjil also went with him. They have given a participation certificate and a tshirt that Udayan is wearing in this pic.
The certificate date is 25th July because it was scheduled originally on that date but for some reason they have rescheduled the event on 25th August 2018.

Ride Link:
End Human Trafficking
Move Close  
End Human Trafficking
International Justice Mission organized this ride titled End Human Trafficking on 25th August 2018. Manjil also went with him. They have given a participation certificate and a tshirt that Udayan is wearing in this pic.
The certificate date is 25th July because it was scheduled originally on that date but for some reason they have rescheduled the event on 25th August 2018.

Ride Link:
Move Close  
🚴with Mohan
•Home~BRM600_Quit at 305KM
•Extremely strong headwind/crosswind & hills
*Thank you Kesavan & Muralidharan for the lights
*Thank you HariRaju|Mohan|VGP|Sanjai for rescuing me

•Route: •Link:

WCCG Freedom 125
Move Close  
WCCG Freedom 125
🚴with Mohan
• Dirtiest ride for continuous rain from yesterday
• Kept the bike at ProBikers (start/end point) for cleaning
*Finished 7th with 4Hr40Mins real time ride
Date: 15Aug2018

MEDAL: This is the first medal of 2018/2019. WCCG planned 6 challenges and all the medals of those challenges are in the form of Hex. One has to collect all the medals to complete the Hex Form. Later WCCG will give the middle part for those who will have all the 6. Individually, these medals are a Fridge Magnet.
RanCycers Monsoon Challenge✅
Move Close  
RanCycers Monsoon Challenge✅

Ride Details⤵️
14Jul: 062KM | 37th WCCG OMR/ECR GroupRide-BesantNagarBeach
17Jul: 054KM | with Kesavan & Mohan
9Aug: 051KM | with Muralidharan | 1st time ride in rain
10Aug: 051KM | with Muralidharan
11Aug: 053KM | with Muralidharan
12Aug: 051KM | with Muralidharan
13Aug: 055KM | with Mohan & Muralidharan
11Jul: 085KM | with Kesavan | 35th WCCG OMR/ECR GroupRide-Muttukadu
29Jul: 071KM | with Mohan | 38th WCCG OMR/ECR GroupRide-JuhuBeach
31Jul: 081KM | with Kesavan | 39th WCCG OMR/ECR GroupRide-Marina
03Aug:074KM | with Kesavan | 40th WCCG OMR/ECR GroupRide-SIPCOT
13Jul: 100KM | with Kesavan | 36th WCCG OMR/ECR GroupRide-MGM
14Jul: 108KM | with Mohan | 20th 100+ | 3rd same day morning+evening rides | Yummy dinners with 🦀

** They have sent the printed certificate and medal by courier.
WCCG Newbie Ride
Move Close  
WCCG Newbie Ride
WCCG organized this ride to motivate people to take up cycling with new cyclists, even who doesn’t have a cycle, can join with rented cycle.
Udayan joined the ride as a member of WCCG and help/guide newbies if they need any assistance during the ride.

🚴with Manjil the Newbie | Neighbour
🚴🚴with Kesavan & Muralidharan | Kovalam
Px: BIB & Sippers the complimentary gift for each riders

Royal Independence Ride
Move Close  
Royal Independence Ride
🚴with Mohan
•Home-RIR✅+to MK-Home
•Strong Head Winds|Entire 100+
•Dirtiest Ride for las night rain
•Got T-shirt & Certificate
•Free event
*21st 100+
Royal Independence Ride
Move Close  
Royal Independence Ride
WCCG Determination 150
Move Close  
WCCG Determination 150
🚴with Kesavan
•33rd WCCG-OMR/ECR GroupRide | JuhuBeach
•18th 100+
•First long solo ride-Last 90KM
•This ride was for WCCG Determination 150 Medal that was held before I started cycling*
•2:35~10:20AM|7Hrs45Mns|Heavy Traffic on OMR
•Strava Time: 6Hrs40Mns
Date: 5Jul2018

* WCCG organised a ride of 150KM earlier 2018 before Udayan started cycling. On Udayan’s request, WCCG has given him a special one time permission to ride 150KM on his own before end of WCCG Calendar Year, so he can get a chance to earn the Determination 150 Medal and can complete the collection of all 6 WCCG 2018 Medals. Udayan received his 150 Medal for completing this ride.
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296KM ride to Pondycherry and back home at Chennai with Kesavan, Pradeep, Muthusathish, Ganesh [Teram of eight from WCCG Group] on a Staurday evening. Udayan Started by 4:45PM and reached home by 3PM next day. It was a slow and relaxed ride with fantastic climate & many long breaks.! It was Udayan’s 3rd 200K+ ride after WCCG Night Ride & BRM200.

WCCG organised a ride of 222KM earlier 2018 before Udayan started cycling. This Pondycherry ride was organised for them who has not participated to that 222 ride, so they can get a chance to earn the 222 Medal and can complete the collection of all 6 WCCG 2018 Medals. Udayan received his 222 Medal for completing this Pondicherry ride.

30June2018 | Strava ended the ride automatically | Manual Entry. Forgot to resume twice after breaks
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In this challenge one had to commit a distance from 500/750/1000/1250 or 1500+ KM that he/she wanted to ride in the month of June2018. Everyone received a medal who covered the distance that he/she committed. Udayan committed 1500+ KM and he received this medal for that.


June-02: 0096KM | 0096of1500+ | WCCG Relay Race
June-05: 0111KM | 0207of1500+ | with Kesavan | 29th WCCG Group Ride | 9th 100+
June-06: 0105KM | 0312of1500+ | with Mohan | 10th 100+
June-08: 0112KM | 0424of1500+ | with Kesavan | 30th WCCG Group Ride | 11th 100+
June-09: 0126KM | 0550of1500+ | with Kesavan | 31st WCCG Group Ride | 12th 100+
June-10: 0101KM | 0651of1500+ | with Kesavan | 13th 100+ & 2ND Consecutive 100x3
June-13: 0110KM | 0761of1500+ | with Kesavan | 32nd WCCG Group Ride | 14th 100+
June-14: 0107KM | 0867of1500+ | with Kesavan | DATRI Medal for taking pledge to donate blood-World Blood Donors Day | 15th 100+
June-15: 0103KM | 0971of1500+ | with Mohan&Kesavan | 16th 100+ & 3rd Consecutive 100x3
June-17: 0117KM | 1088of1500+ | WCCG Mass 100
June-18: 0011KM | 1099of1500+ | Second Free Service
June-19: 0054KM | 1153of1500+ | 2nd Puncture-Back wheel first time | Walked home 2KM
June-19: 0010KM | 1163of1500+ | TestRideAfterSelfService-_ChangedTubeAndPatchedThePuncture
June-23: 0066KM | 01229of1500+ | BRM300_Part-I|Ended the Strava by mistake but it was a continuous ride
June-23: 0239KM | 01468of1500+ | BRM300_Part-III|Part-II is manual entry_not counted for this challenge
June-27: 0053KM | with Mohan | DONE1500+✅

*** Waiting for the medal
Personalized WCCG Jersey
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Personalized WCCG Jersey
WCCG Mass 100
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WCCG Mass 100
🚴with Mohan
•Mass100: 101KM|5AM-9:04AM|4Hr4Mn •Strava time for Mass100: 3Hr43Mn
•Strong cross wind in the entire route

Ride link:
Date: 17Jun2018
WCCG Mass 100
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WCCG Mass 100
One for the World Commute Challenge
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One for the World Commute Challenge
One for the World Commute Challenge-2018 organized by [] to encourage people to use a cycle for daily commuting or for leisure trip or just as sports where one has to ride 1000KM+ between World Earth Day, April-22 to World Environment Day, June-1. For every kilometre that one cycle, 1 rupee would be donated to the #MeCycleRider initiative. The collected amount will be used for donating bicycles to the underprivileged kids.

Udayan completed this challenge in 14 days. Here are the details:

Apr-22: 160KM | 0160of1000KM+ | Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Ride
Apr-24: 075KM | 0235of1000KM+ | WCCG Star Rider Award Ride
Apr-25: 050KM | 0285of1000KM+ | WCCG Star Rider Award Ride
Apr-26: 052KM | 0337of1000KM+ | WCCG Star Rider Award Ride
Apr-27: 053KM | 0390of1000KM+ | WCCG Star Rider Award Ride
Apr-28: 102KM | 0492of1000KM+ | Beat The Heat Challenge | with WCCG/OMR-ECR Group
Apr-29: 110KM | 0602of1000KM+ | Beat The Heat Challenge | with Mohan & HariRaju
May-04: 053KM | 0655of1000KM+ | 24th WCCG/OMR-ECR Group Ride to Kovalam
May-09: 050KM | 0705of1000KM+ | with Kesavan & GanboseG | 1st Puncture-Front Wheel | Walked 5KM home | repaired at home but one tube burst!
May-10: 057KM | 0762of1000KM+ | with Kesavan | 25th WCCG/OMR-ECR Group to OMR/ECR CirclingLoop
May-11: 104KM | 0866of1000KM+ | with Kesavan | 26th WCCG/OMR-ECR Group to Nungambakkam | 8th 100K+
May-14: 006KM | 0872of1000KM+ | FirstFreeService | Home~ProBikers~Home | at 2760KM with 40Rides in 55Days
May-15: 079KM | 0951of1000KM+ | with Mohan & his new RoadBike
May-16: 082KM | DONE1000KM+ with 14Rides in 24Days✅
World Blood Donors Day
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World Blood Donors Day organized a special campaign on June-14, 2018 for Chennai cyclists where they urged them to come during their morning cycling from 5AM to 7AM and take a pledge to donate blood on the occasion of World Blood Donors Day. They have given a beautiful medal to all cyclists who has gone there to take the pledge.
WCCG Relay Race
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WCCG Relay Race
A team consisting of 4 members each of who rode 75KM+ on 4 pre-fixed routes on NH4, NH5, OMR & ECR, one starting after another like a relay. The first person started the relay race at 5AM on 2nd June 2018 and the team got 16 hours to complete all the routes starting & finishing at JBC Elite at Velacherry.

We called our team Team-KLMU. KLMU are the first letters of our name. K for Kesavan, L for Lopamudra, M for Mohan and U for Udayan.

Kesavan started the race on NH5 [] and finished at 8:17AM when Udayan started to ride on Route-2 that is NH4 [] and completed at 11:47AM. Mohan started on route-3 at OMR [] when Udayan finished & he finished at 3:24PM & Lopamudra started on route-4 at ECR [] after Mohan finished his ride and She finished at 7:04PM.
WCCG Relay Race
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WCCG Relay Race
A total of 26 teams took part in this relay race and we ranked 16th and taken 14Hrs2Mins in total to complete the race that is 300+KMs. All the participants received this beautiful WCCG Medal Hanger as a memorabilia.

Event: | Result:
WCCG Relay Race
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WCCG Relay Race
•Home~Start_RelayRace_Finish~Home=96.2KM •RelayRace for me: 80KM|8:17AM~11:47AM|3Hr30Min
•Total Strava Time for 96.2KM is 4Hr6Min •Strava Time for my Relay race is 3Hr18Min for 80KM
•Heavy traffic, full of flyovers, high humidity, extreme heat, bad road and strong sunlight during the entire route I rode
•Taken wrong routes 4 times.

Strava link:
Date: 2Jun2018

*This is my Bib for Route-2.
1st BRM
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1st BRM
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Audax India Randonneurs or AIR [] is the all-India organisation of randonneurs, which is recognised by Audax Club Parisien or ACP of France for conducting and overseeing all Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux (BRMs). One has to complete first four BRMs or Super Series [200KM in 13:30Hrs, 300KM in 20Hrs, 400KM in 27Hrs & 600KM in 40Hrs] in a Calendar year [November-October] to get the title “Super Randonneur” and this is a lifelong title awarded by ACP [].

Madras Randonneurs [] is the organization to take care of all the BRMs in Chennai.

[One has to design/print/laminate this card his/her own and attach to front and back of the cycle during the BRM. Udayan design this card and printed on PVC Card from]
WCCG 200KM Night Ride-2018
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WCCG 200KM Night Ride-2018
WCCG organized this 200KM Night Ride on 5th May however Udayan rode with the organizers on 14th April as a Volunteers Recee Ride and did photography as a volunteer on the event day.

Udayan Clocked 250KM from his home to start point+200KM+Finish point to his home and received this WCCG 200KM Night Ride Medal.

First 200KM+ Ride
Beat The Heat Challenge-2018
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Beat The Heat Challenge-2018
Madras Mustangs organized this Beat The Heat Challenge in April 2018 where one has to ride 25KM or run 5KM for 5 points. Maximum cap for riding is 100KM and 20KM for running in a day and one has to complete in one go [not multiple cycling or running in a day]. However One can cycle and run, both to get points in the same day. There was 1 bonus point for each 5KM of run or 25KM of ride after first 5KM of Run or 25KM of ride. For example, one will get 23points in total if he runs 20KM or 100KM Cycle. Also, if it is a group run or ride with minimum 5 BTH Challengers even for some distance and manage a BTH a group selfie, there was 2 bonus points. Minimum score for finisher badge was 100.

Udayan ranked 3rd! The hardest and intense challenge Udayan ever participated due to Chennai Summer with temperature 42 degree Celsius in day time with extremely high humidity and some toughest challengers. They have given a finisher badge and JBC Gift Voucher for TOP3 Challengers. Udayan bought a Big Air Pump for the home with the gift voucher.


1. Apr-07: 110KM | with Mohan | 9th WCCG Group Ride | First 100K
2. Apr-08: 103KM | with Mohan & HariRaju | Second 100K
3. Apr-09: 100KM | with Mohan | Third Consecutive 100K
4. Apr-28: 102KM | 23rd WCCG Group Ride | Sixth 100K
5. Apr-07: 110KM | with Mohan & HariRaju | Seventh 100K | Had Yellow Melon!

+ Points for running
Apr-08: 20KM
Apr-09: 20KM
Apr-10: 20KM | Third Consecutive 20K
Apr-12: 20KM | App crashed after 5K/So, total run 25K
Apr-13: 20KM
Apr-19: 10KM
Apr-20: 10KM
Apr-23: 20KM
Apr-24: 20KM
Apr-25: 20KM | Third Consecutive 20K
Apr-26: 20KM
Apr-27: 20KM | Fifth Consecutive 20K
Apr-28: 20KM
Apr-29: 21KM | Seventh Consecutive 20K
Apr-30: 20KM | Eighth Consecutive 20K

+ Points for WCCG Star Rider Awards 16 Rides except Apr-14 Medal Distribution Ride
+ WCCG 200KM Night Rides for two days
+ Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Ride

+ Bonus Points for 10 Group Rides with WCCG
WCCG Star Rider Award-2018
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WCCG Star Rider Award-2018
WCCG organized this WCCG Star Rider Award to promote group rides. One will get 1 point for each group ride and can accumulate maximum 4 points in a week from Tuesday to Sunday. There was a negative point as well. One will get a negative point if promise to join the group ride but fail to join. There was a Ride in Line with all WCCG Chapters at Marina on every Tuesday and those 4 points considered as special points and considered to judge the winners [who gets most of those 4 points without any negative points]. There was also a special Ride in Line on April-14 to go for medal distribution of 50x10 Challenge .

Udayan rode all 4 Tuesdays and Special Ride in Line on April-14 and accumulated 16 points without any negative points and awarded this handmade terracotta medal as one of the 26 WCCG Star Rider of April2018. Only 2 riders, Udayan & Kesavan got this award from WCCG-OMR/ECR Chapter out of 256 active riders [256 is the max an whatsapp group can accommodate].
Here are the details:

Apr-03: 052KM | 1ofWeek1 | 05th WCCG Group Ride | Tuesday Ride in Line
Apr-04: 050KM | 2ofWeek1 | 06th WCCG Group Ride | Kovalam
Apr-05: 057KM | 3ofWeek1 | 07th WCCG Group Ride | Muttukadu
Apr-06: 052KM | 4ofWeek1 | 08th WCCG Group Ride | SIPCOT | with Mohan

Apr-10: 055KM | 1ofWeek2 | 10th WCCG Group Ride | Tuesday Ride in Line
Apr-11: 100KM | 2ofWeek2 | 11th WCCG Group Ride | SIPCOT | 4th 100K
Apr-12: 057KM | 3ofWeek2 | 12th WCCG Group Ride | Marina
Apr-13: 075KM | 4ofWeek2 | 13th WCCG Group Ride | Muttukadu

Apr-14: 41KM | 14th WCCG Group Ride | 50x10 Challenge Medal Distribution Ride in Line

Apr-17: 050KM | 1ofWeek3 | 15th WCCG Group Ride | Tuesday Ride in Line
Apr-18: 050KM | 2ofWeek3 | 16th WCCG Group Ride | Kovalam
Apr-19: 052KM | 3ofWeek3 | 17th WCCG Group Ride | JuhuBeach
Apr-20: 050KM | 4ofWeek1 | 18th WCCG Group Ride | OMR/ECR Circling Loop

Apr-24: 075KM | 1ofWeek4 | 19th WCCG Group Ride | Tuesday Ride in Line
Apr-25: 050KM | 2ofWeek4 | 20th WCCG Group Ride | ChetpetEcoPark
Apr-26: 052KM | 3ofWeek4 | 21tst WCCG Group Ride | Kovalam
Apr-27: 053KM | 4ofWeek4 | 222n WCCG Group Ride | DecathlonPadur ✅DONE!!!

Result Link:
Whistle Podu Army
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Whistle Podu Army
WCCG organised a ride on 7th April 2018 to support the CSK IPL Team.
First 100 riders received this official Chennai Super Kings Fan Tshirt. CSK fans are known as Whistle Podu Army or Yellow Army and their tagline is “Let the whistles begin”. Udayan was one of those 100 riders and received this tshirt.

Memento from the Chennai Summer
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Memento from the Chennai Summer
15 days of active cycling gave me dual coloured legs because the exposed part of my legs got sunburnt . A memento from the Chennai Summer!

[Pix: Ipsita Sarkar/Apr2018]
WCCG March Madness-2018
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WCCG March Madness-2018
Received this medal for completing the 50KM ride challenge for 10 consecutive days! This is special for Udayan because he completed the challenge on the 10th day of owning a cycle. He covered 571KM in 10 rides across 10 consecutive days in a total of 28 Hrs 45 Mns!
20March2018: 51KM in 2Hr41Mns | First ever cycle ride | Mohan came to ride together
21March2018: 51KM in 2Hr41Mns | Dr Srikanth came to ride together
22March2018: 59KM in 2Hr58Mns | First ever group ride with WCCG/OMR-ECR Chapter | Ride to Kovalam
23March2018: 55KM in 2Hr43Mns | Second WCCG/OMR-ECR group ride to SIPCOT
24March2018: 55KM in 2Hr50Mns | Ride to Marina with Mohan
25March2018: 91KM in 4Hr37Mns | Ride to Mahabalipuram with Mohan
26March2018: 51KM in 2Hr31Mns
27March2018: 51KM in 2Hr30Mns | Third WCCG/OMR-ECR group ride to MGM Dizzee World
28March2018: 51KM in 2Hr38Mns | Fourth WCCG/OMR-ECR group ride to War Memorial
29March2018: 51KM in 2Hr31Mns | Challenge Accomplished✅

* There were six WCCG challenges scheduled in 2018 & for each challenge, one can win a part of a jigsaw puzzle acrylic finisher medal. One can make a beautiful pen stand with these six medals once he/she win them all. There was also a special medal for those who get all the 6 puzzle parts. The special medal can be used as the base of the pen stand.
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91KM ride to Mahabalipuram and back home at Chennai with Mohan on a Sunday morning and it took 4hr37Min.

Merida Reacto 400 SM
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Merida Reacto 400 SM
From ProBikers|Perungudi

My Membership
WCCG: CC180360 []
AIR: 7970 []


1. Liner
2. Helmet [Merida]
3. Two Camelbak 2X Insulated Sippers & Holders [SOLD: Mohan via Cyclopes FB Group on 29Apr2019 in Bangalore/Holders gave away with the cycle]
4. USB Back Light and Charger [Sigma]
5. Between Gel Padded Shorts [2 in Apr18]
6. Portable Pump [IceToolz]_GAVE to Mohan
7. Extra Tubes [Two]
8. GumFreeSticker+3Lever for PunctureRepair[IceToolz]
9. USB Front Light & charger [CatEye Volts400XC]
10. Reflective Vest Shaped Strap [LifeKrafts]
11. Frame Bag + Handle Bar Bag❎
12. Cateye HL-EL135 Battery Powered FrontLight
13. PlasticTag
14. Battery powered rare light
15. Gloves [Merida]
16. Lock+Key❎
17. Saddle Bag
18. Id Card [Aadhar]
19. Money+DebitCard [SBI]
20. Swiss Knife
21. Silicon Band Phone Holder+PhoneCover
22. Compact Tool with Kit Allen Key Spoke Wrench❎
23. BTWIN 8in1 ToolKit
24. Foldable Tyre [Vittoria Rubino Pro]❎
25. Wrist Watch [Timex Expedition]
26. FiZiK R3-43 Shoes & Look KEO2MAX Pedals&Cleats
27. Socks [Adidas ClimaCool]
28. White glasses for night ride❎
29. Decathlon ST100 MTB SUNGLASSES for 299/- [Apr18/Sep18/Feb19]
30. Cycling Jersey [2 Decathlon in Apr18+1Reliance in Nov18+1 WCCG]
31. App in Phone [Strava]
32. Energy Tabs or Electrolyte
33. Cigaret/MatchBox
34. Powerbank/iPhone & Android Chord+USB Plug
35. Medicine [Voveran/Pudinhara/Gintac/Saredon/Citragen/Entroquinal/Paracitamal/VomiStop]
36. Chamois Butt’r
37. Biscuit/Nuts
38. Tissue Paper
39. Whistle [Attached to Helmet Strap]❎
40. Chain Cleaning
41. Wheel Air Pressure
42. Chain Degreaser & Lubricant+Brush
43. Giyo Floor Pump
44. Bib
45. PepperSpray
46. Schrödinger LED Rear Tail Light x2 [SOLD: via OLX on 28Apr2019 in Chennai]
47. BnBRack-Genesis Deluxe Rare Bike Carier [BC-6418-3KN]_GAVE to Mohan
48: LongRideExtra: Small Bag/Extra Shorts+Jersey/Extra Shocks+Gloves/Towel+Brush+Paste+Shampoo+Comb

RIDE to/from ProBikers
31Mar2018: BikeFit | Home~ProBikers~Home | 6.2KM@25Mins | ManualEntry/ForgotRecording
14May2018: FirstFreeService | Home~ProBikers~Home | 6.2KM@24Mins | at 2760KM with 40Rides in 55Days
18Jun2018: SecondFreeService | Home~ProBikers+TestRide~Home | 11KM@46Mins | at 4541KM with 58Rides in 90Days
19Jun2018: TestRideAfterSelfService | ChangedTubeAndPatchedThePuncture | 10.2KM@46Mins
6Aug2018: FirstPaidService | Home~ProBikers~Home | 6.9KM@29Mins | at 6822KM with 79Rides in 109Days
14Aug2018: RareTyreChanged | Home~ProBikers~Home | 6.2KM@23Mins | VittoriaRubinoPro at 7095KM with 85Rides in 5Months
15Aug2018: CleaningAfterRainRide | ProBikers~Home | 3.2KM@16Mins
13Sep2018: SecondPaidService | Home~ProBikers+TestRide | 4.1KM@25Mins | at 8248KM with 92Rides | ChangedRareTyre-ContinentalGrandPrix40000sII | VittoriaTyreToFrontFromBack | Bought FizikR3 Shoes & LookKEO2MAX-Pedals+Cleats
14Sep2018: 6KM+9KM | PracticeRidesWithShoesOn | FirstFall-InjuredTheKnee
22Jan2019: 3rdService-Full | at 11279KM with 131Rides | ChangedCassette_Chain_BarTape
5Mar2019: GeneralService-RareTubeChanged

21March2018-23March2019: 13916KM

SOLD: 21Apr2019_NakulAnand_Pune_9549893344

My Best Partners: Mohan & Keshavan
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under copyright act.